Service Options
a) Exclusive Retainer

This is highly committed executive search which includes a thorough search practice, providing periodic progress updates, psychometric test reports and a search report. This option is particularly suitable for senior or strategic middle management positions, especially in situations where tact and confidentiality are the priorities. The client company pays 30% of the hired candidate's first year's salary. Typically, the client pays 30% upfront, 30% when they are presented with the short list of candidates, and the rest upon hiring a candidate.


Pre-Search Conference and Position Analysis
We begin every search engagement by meeting with you personally to thoroughly understand the requirements of the position, your corporate environment and the unique personal characteristics you require in your staff.

Upon your approval of our proposal, we immediately begin research to determine current information about your industry and those companies which are most likely to yield the best candidates. We rarely use advertising or job postings to identify candidates since our research is based upon our client's requirements, not the availability of candidates. In addition, confidentiality is assumed to be absolutely essential.

We identify potential candidates through a wide variety of sources including industry experts and senior business leaders. Traditional business sources, databases, internet resources are also used to enhance our insight into targeted industries and companies. Our goal is to identify potential candidates based upon their reputation, not their availability. Potential candidates are usually contented in their current positions and not actively looking for a job. We approach candidates directly by telephone to assess their fit with our client's requirements and to determine their potential for career change.
For candidates which we find a suitable fit for your organisation, we will explore further, present a case with them for a career move.

Candidates Interviews and Evaluation
We interview each targeted candidate using your criteria. Interviews are conducted in person and candidates who successfully complete in-depth evaluation are presented to you in a detailed report.

Reference Checking
After evaluation and personal interviews, we thoroughly discuss the performance and characteristics of finalist candidates with their former employers. The results of these evaluations are provided to you in confidence.

Final Hiring
We assist and advise you in all matters of final recruiting and salary negotiations appropriate for your candidate of choice.

On-Going Follow Up
In order to assure a smooth transition, we remain in contact with you and your new employee during the first year of employment in order to resolve any issue which may arise.

Our Commitment
Our interest in your company and personal commitment to every assignment forms the foundation of our business relationship with you. Once engaged, we will continue to work on the assignment until completion to your satisfaction. Should a candidate we recruit on your behalf fail during the first three months of employment for reasons not attributable to the employer, we will conduct a search again with no additional fee, outside direct expenses.

b) Exclusive Contingency

In this exclusive engagement, client companies will grant the exclusive right to recruit a particular position to us. Clients will enjoy the priority, dedication and consistent follow-through we provide in meeting the goal of getting the best candidates, yet do not have to pay anything until the right candidate for the job is identified and offered a position.

Typically, besides identifying the right candidates from the responses through the advertisements , we provide a concurrent, thorough search service to identify the suitable but passive candidates who are unreachable except through a customise-recruiting approach that is conducted in a professional and discreet manner.

A reasonable time frame is generally agreed upon to work on and present our list of qualified candidates.

c) Open Contingency

In this arrangement, search companies will compete with each other against time to deliver their best candidates.